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April 22 2018

The Basic Music Theory Vocab for Producers and Beatmakers

Discover the basic music theory vocabulary you need to progress faster as a music producer or beatmaker. You just need the vocab...

April 20 2018

The Vocal Mixing Skill Stack

Discover the vocal mixing skills you need to to stack to make your vocals site well in every mix you do. Tight, nailed, punchy and clear. Vocal mixing techniques for producers and beatmakers. Read now!

The Music Production Skills Stack You Need As A Producer

Step right up and uncover the various music production skills you must stack to go from a competent to a proficient music producer or beatmaker. Start to crush it in your home studio on the daily! Start stacking!

April 06 2018

Studio Flow - Music Production Workflow Course

Discover tried-and-tested music production workflow tips, strategies, habits and techniques to make more music, consistent and fast. Includes exercises to help you break through blocks and escape the dreaded creative rut.

March 29 2018

11 Handy Home Recording Tips for Music Producers

These handy home recording tips will make your life easier when it's time to capture the musical magic in your home studio. Specifically for music producers and beatmakers.

March 24 2018

3 Home Studio Design Considerations for Producers

Look at your home studio design from three diffferent perspectives to make sure you create the room you want.

February 19 2018

5 Top Digital Audio Workstations for Producers

Cut the crud! Read's list of 5 top digital audio workstations for music producers and beatmakers.

December 04 2017

Mic report: 5 Good Microphones for the Advanced Beginner Producer

Special mic report reveals 5 good microphones under $500 for the advanced beginner producer's microphone locker.

November 24 2017

Because it's Waves and it's Black Friday and you got 10% off...

From the legendary L2 to SSL strips, CLA-2A's and workhorses like H-Delay and S1-Imager. We all know by now that Waves plugins rock. That's why many pro producers use them on every production. The problem is they normally tend to rock the bank account too. Well, for the next 16 hours you can sidestep all that with their discounted Black Friday deals. You also got a further 10% off with this code: YNY23 Click the link to grab your favorite plugins before the sale ends. Tonight's studio session might just be a different beast. I won't judge you! We all do it. ;-)

November 16 2017

3 Valid Reasons NOT to Mix with Headphones

A reader asks if he can mix on in-ear headphones. Read my response plus a tip for if you're forced to mix with headphones.

November 10 2017

Mix Skills Email Series

Learn how to level-up your core mix skills and make better music, faster. For advanced beginner producers.

September 06 2017

It's Not the Mix, It's You - Perfect Mix Syndrome

Learn how your quest for mix perfection may be hiding something a bit more sinister.

August 15 2017

33 Tips for Songwriting + Action Steps to Take Straight Away

Level-up your songsmith superpowers with these 33 tips for songwriting.

July 25 2017

How to Write Music Like You Mean It

This post looks at how to write music. Includes songwriting process, tools, habits, resources and techniques.

March 15 2017 on Facebook!

Hi Renegades! This is just a quick note to let you know that the Facebook page is live right now. Please head on over straight away to like the page and get involved. Thank you! Marius PS I have some surprises in store soon so watch this space and stay tuned. Click this link to join me on Facebook...

February 10 2017

TrainYourEars Review

Read my review of ear training software called TrainYourEars for producers, artists and audio engineers.

October 26 2016

EVENT: Writing, Producing and Thinking with a Hit Song Mentality Mastery Workshop, New York

Do you want to learn more about the methods used to craft the hits you hear in the Billboard Top 100? Join Hit Songs Deconstructed founder, David Penn, in New York on November 12th for The Hit Songs Deconstructed Mastery Workshop. The focus of this intensive full-day workshop is to get you writing, producing and thinking with a hit song mentality. The topics that will be covered include Current Trends, Hit Song Structure, Bookending Techniques, “D” Sections, Infectious Hooks, Dynamics, Hit Song Vocals, Lyrics and more. Don't miss out! Head on over to the registration page via the link below for further information and register right now to get the time-sensitive discount...

October 22 2016

Music Production Equipment Reality Check

Overcome the temptation to buy new or expensive music production equipment unless it is absolutely needed.

September 18 2016

Audio Ear Training and Music Producers

Discover why regular audio ear training is essential for sound engineers and music producers.

September 09 2016

Interval Ear Training Introduction

Boost your composing and production skills with basic interval ear training
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